Grab Railings

Surrey Railing Contractor

Surrey Railing Contractor

Grab rails are a simple, but vital daily living aid that can help you stay safe when moving around your home and garden. They allow you to maintain your independence as you go about your daily tasks while reducing the risk of falls.

 We stock a wide range of different grab bars and rails to suit any location both inside and outside of your home. We have both indoor and outdoor grab rails and versatile grab rails that can be used anywhere.

 What Are The Different Types Of Grab Rail?

 Our grab rails come in a range of fixing options, from suction cup grab rails and screw-in permanent rails to floor-mounted and pressure-fitted rails. Our range of grab rails come in a variety of design options such as stainless steel, chrome or white finish, wood-effect, and plastic.

 Other than a standard straight grab handle, some rails also come in offset styles, stylish curves for modern rooms, D-shape for optimal gripping range as well as stairway grab rails that fit perfectly to the banister for assistance on the stairs. If you need help choosing, see our how to choose a grab rail guide to help you make the right decision.

 Benefits of Grab Rails

Grab rails offer significant benefits, for seniors as well as for individuals of other ages and stages. Having assist bars installed can help to prevent injury and prolong independence. Sometimes, people with limited mobility are afraid to shower due to a fear of falling. This can lead to skin problems and infections. Installing grab rails can reduce shower-related anxiety, and therefore help you to maintain hygiene without fears.

 Grab rails for homes

At Surrey Railing Contractor, we keep a range of grab rails designed to improve access and safety in existing areas around the home. Grab rails can improve safety in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, or next to steps. We have standard chrome-plated grab rails or powder-coated grab rails.

 Hand and Grab Rail Installation

We provide safety solutions to improve home environments. This includes the supply and installation of handrails and grabs rails in the home in bathrooms, showers, by sinks, stairs, and steps, where ease of mobility and safety can be improved.

 These can be used where a projecting fixed rail could be awkward – next to the toilet or washbasin. When the rails are not required, they can be pushed up out of the way against the wall.

 There are models available with an additional support leg for added security, or where the wall does not offer strong enough fixing on its own, a floor-mounted post can be used. The hinged rail is often also provided with a convenient built-in toilet roll holder.

 Grab rails are a system of rails, end sets, and angled corners allowing great freedom in designing the perfect rail configuration to meet your needs. More information on grab rails.

 Surrey Railing Contractor also has access to local tradespeople who are skilled in the manufacture and installation of custom-made handrails as well as the fitting of Grab rails and chrome-plated.

 Please contact us for more information regarding the supply and installation of handrails and grab rails, to meet your safety and mobility needs.